Express (Bridge)
A centralized cross-chain bridge from VON (BKC) to xVON (BSC)
VONDER Express is a cross-chain bridge protocol that connect Bitkub Chain and Binance Smart Chain. Users can move their VON tokens from BKC to BSC. VON tokens on BSC will become xVON which will be used as a fee for minting or redeeming our stablecoin VUSD on VONDER Dollar-Peg system.
The Express bridge protocol - User lock certain amount of VON (BKC) to the contract. - Watchdog listens to the lock transaction to be completed. - Watchdog trigger the contract to release the certain amount of xVON (BSC) - Watchdog listens to the release transaction to be completed. - The contract unlock certain amount of VON (BKC) and burn.
Centralized bridging conditions - User can bridge any amount of VON (from 1 - 100,000 VON per transaction) - User who bridge more than 50,000 VON will get 0.01 BNB as bonus. (before 8th October 2021) - If user can't bridge this means the quota of VON on that day is hitting limited quota. (500,000 VON/day). - User who want to bridge more than 100,000 VON please contact our community admin via Telegram. - User can check the remaining xVON quota on Express contract (BSC)
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