What are KUB, KKUB, and WKUB?
KUB or Bitkub Coin is a native and utility coin of the Bitkub Chain that is used to fuel, operate, and govern the Bitkub Chain ecosystem. KUB has multiple utilities such as paying transaction fees, redeeming trading fee credit on Bitkub Exchange, and also transferring KUB to one another. VONDERers can Stake and Farm their KUB in our Pools to earn VON as a reward for Liquidity Providers. There is no need to wrap your KUB to participate in our Pools as our protocol automatically wrap your KUB to KKUB. You can learn more about KUB here.
KKUB or Wrapped KUB is an Official KAP-20 standard token created by Bitkub. It allows interoperability with various projects such as DEXs or DeFis. Moreover, transaction with KKUB can be paused or recovered in some cases of stolen private key or rug pull by a scammer (Similar to USDT's Smart Contract). All transactions are recorded on the blockchain for maximum transparency. This is under the goodwill of Bitkub, who wishes to prevent or mitigate potential damages that might occur to the users. VONDERers can Stake and Farm their KKUB in our Pools to earn VON as a reward for Liquidity Providers. You can learn more about KKUB here.
WKUB is an Unofficial Wrapped KUB token created by another project which is not related to Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Co., Ltd. or its associated businesses. VONDER Finance does not support staking or farming WKUB in our pools at the moment, but You can Swap/Unwrap your WKUB back to KUB here. Once your WKUBs have been Swapped/Unwrap back to KUB, you can Stake and Farm your KUB in our Pools.
*You can check WKUB Smart Contract Address here
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