DEX Trading fee
VONDER Finance applies a 0.2% fee which 0.17% goes to all VONDERers (Liquidity Providers) and 0.03% goes to VONDER’s Treasury
Deposit fee
During the 1st week of our official launch, there is a 0% pool fee as an incentive for all VONDERers. In the 2nd week, the pool fee will increase to 1.5% and go up to our regular fee at maximum if 3% afterwards.
Finally, the deposit fee is structurally distributed below:
  • 1% automatically added to Liquidity Pools
  • 0.5% distributed amongst VONDERers (Liquidity Providers)
  • 1% Buyback & Burn
  • 0.5% VONDER’s Treasury
Last modified 1yr ago
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