VONDER Protected Launch🛡️
VONDERing what a Protected Launch model is? Imagine a Knight in Shining Armor!! VONDER Finance exists to protect all VONDERers from harm while ensuring sustainability, fairness, transparency, and highest benefits of all parties involved.
What is a Protected Launch?
A Protected Launch is a safer and fairer way of launching Liquidity Pools. VONDER Finance is a truly liquid, fair, secured, and transparent platform since Day 1 with the combination of Bitkub Chain native security features against rug pull, various securities measures, and sufficient Initial Liquidity. In order to reduce price fluctuation and stabilize the price of VON token, Our team injected a total of 300,000 KUB and 450,000 VON as initial LP to support large trading volumes and liquidity all VONDERers pouring in our Liquidity Pools. We prepared a Bigger War chest to battle all ill-intended bots and whale attacks. All the pre-mined VON injections will be announced to our community to keep the transparency of our platform.
Advantage of Protected Launch Model
Compared to the popular Fair Launch model, it is not really fair to users as insufficient liquidity would cause immeasurable price fluctuation and result in vulnerabilities to various Cyber Attacks. Majority of the organic users have experienced numerous losses from the Fair Launch Model of other platforms.
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