Q2 - 2021


  • Launch VONDERFinance, the first registered and verified project on Bitkub Chain, with features like Exchange, Farms and Pools with BKC-native wrapped tokens
  • Hold official KKUB to earn VON airdrop!
  • Farm VON-KUB to earn VON at 40X!
  • Stake VON to earn VON at 20X!
  • Stake KKUB to earn VON at 10X!
  • List more KAP-20 Tokens and introduce new Pools (On 28th of June 2021, we introduced new Pools: MVPVON, MVPKUB, and MVP on our platform)

Ongoing Partnership Discussion

  • Confidential partner to list token in our IDO as a preferred partner.


  • Under review for "Verified by Bitkub" status from Bitkub Chain Official
  • Submit application to Inspex and TechRate for audit

Q3 - 2021

  • More Initial DEX Offering
  • Farm with official pegged coins
  • Become a preferred secondary market to list alternative tokens
  • Launch VONTERY Lucky Draw
  • "Source of Truth" real-time dashboard for transparency
  • Launch VONDER Finance on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Q4 - 2021

  • [BKC] $VONtery™ NFT Collection and Breeding System
  • IDO/IGO that star with Letter `L` : https://lootkub.com
  • Vonder mini games
  • VONDER NFT Game V.1 (incl. Marketplace and Bet)