Anti-Rug Pull&Masterchef
Anti-Rug Pull
The initial phrase of VONDER Finance only allow an Official Wrapped KAP-20 Token from Bitkub Chain to be staked and farmed. Transaction with KKUB can be paused or recovered by Bitkub in some cases of stolen private key or rug pull (Similar to USDT's Smart Contract). All transactions are recorded on the blockchain for maximum transparency. This is under the goodwill of Bitkub, who wishes to prevent or mitigate potential damages that might occur to the users. All VONDERers can be confident that they are extremely Safe from Rug Pull.
Masterchef Contract
The Masterchef Contract is the core of the functionality that is provided by the project. The contract controls emission rates, minting, pools, deposit fees, and all major components of VONDER Finance. As the Masterchef Contract owns the Token contract, it can mint new VON based on the emission parameters outlined in the contract configuration.
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